Issue 15: April 2021
Justice for George Floyd

Yesterday, a moment of justice prevailed with the conviction of Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd.  The anguish of the Floyd family, witnesses, and the community-at-large can never be soothed, and George Floyd and countless victims will never again be with their loved ones. The pursuit of justice by prosecutors, witnesses, and the jury resulted in a rare conviction of a White officer who murdered a Black man.  Black Lives Matter.  Asian Women Leader ship Network (AWLN) continues to stand in solidarity with the Black and Brown communities. Justice for them means justice for all.

A single victory alone does not create sustainable change and betterment of communities. The hew and cry for racial and social justice must continue with all of us standing in unity and being relentless in the eradication of bias, hate/violence, and systemic racism against BIPOC communities.  

AWLN remains committed to supporting our members, the BIPOC community, and the community-at-large as we join forces to ensure our safety and well-being, and to secure justice for all. Let this moment become a movement.

Asian Women Leadership Network